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Success Stories

Freeman v. Upjohn -- involving the drug halcion for sleep and numerous other cases against Upjohn involving halcion. 

Morgan v. Walmart -- involving the drug despipramine for alleged ADHD 

Hammons v. Kaiser Permanente -- involving addiction to Xanax and traumatic withdrawal. 

Reinhardt v. Kaiser Permanente -- Action against Kaiser for the death of a woman who was prescribed Tegretol without proper blood work and monitoring.  The case went to arbitration in Los Angeles, California and her estate and children were awarded nearly $700,000 together with approximately $165,000 in costs and attorneys fees.  The total attorneys fees were $223,559.  After costs and attorneys fees, the client netted $636,925.

Wright v. Walker and numerous medical malpractice cases involving addiction to Xanax and other benzodiazepines 

Dobbs v. Ford Motor Co. involving the rollover of a Bronoc II causing the death of a young mother and permanent injuries to the father of a small child. 

Taylor v. State -- criminal conviction overturned due to numerous instances of prosecution overreaching and prosecutorial misconduct. Case dismissed after reversal for lack of evidence because the State's incompetent evidence was inadmissible.



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