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Commercial litigation matters handled

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The Mosher Justice Center of Paris, TX is well-versed in handling all matters relating to business law. A broad range of topics involve commercial law, and these include but are not limited to, marketing, securities, banking, collections, bankruptcy, advertising, trade, and contracts. Michael Mosher has 30 years of experience defending clients like you and is no stranger to the highly-complex legal twists that are involved in commercial litigation.

In the dog-eat-dog world of business, there tends to be very little compassion in the process due to the fight involved regarding competition. Michael Mosher, understands your needs and will stand shoulder to shoulder with you in spite of the situation, whether you're pending for litigation or suing the other party. Call today to learn more about what can be offered.

Big businesses have tough, experienced lawyers on their side. Make sure yours is tougher and more experienced.


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