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Let Michael Mosher be your 3rd party negotiator

Michael Mosher is your mediator with empathy and concern!

Caring and respect are what every client receives

When it comes to disputes involving family matters, work-related issues, commercial businesses, etc., you need an attorney who is neutral at all times and has reasonable fees. At The Mosher Justice Center of Paris, TX, everything is fair and balanced where the two contending parties will have a much better chance for the disagreement to be settled. You and the other party are guaranteed representation and support without Michael Mosher taking sides.

No matter what the situation becomes, Michael Mosher gives you the advantage over other attorneys with his 30 years of experience and proven track record. Every form of litigation is practiced at The Mosher Justice Center and results have been in favor of Mosher's clients — millions of dollars' worth in settlements and judgments have been won.

Quality representation for all mediation cases are guaranteed each and every time.


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